Dandenong and Melbourne start the next WNBL season

The WNBL has recently released the schedule for the 2017/2018 season of women’s basketball in Australia, so get ready to make your bets. If you are not into sports betting, you could try online gambling in Pennsylvania. Maybe slot games are your thing.

Anyway, we were saying the new season starts soon. Dandenong Rangers and the Bulleen Melbourne Boomers are facing each other on October 5th, 2017 at 7.30 pm, opening round one of the new WNBL season that everybody was looking forward to during the summer.

5 more games will take place during the first round: Adelaide vs. Sydney Uni and UC Capitals vs. Bendigo on October 6th, Melbourne vs. Townsville on October 7th, Perth vs. Sydney Uni and UC Capitals vs. Adelaide on October 8th.  Still, for now, all eyes are set on Dandenong and Melbourne.

The Rangers got second place 6 points behind Sydney. Melbourne on the other hand, performed poorly in 2016/2017 obtaining a modest 7th place with just 10 points. Out of 24 games, they won only 5 of them, the rest being registered as losses. Dandenong however, won 15 out of 24 matches and lost 9.

Some people say there’s no suspense about how the game will go considering the big difference in points between the two teams, but you really don’t know how a game of basketball turns out in the end.

This is a dynamic sport where results can change in a heartbeat. You leave the TV for 10 seconds to go get yourself a cold beer and when you’re back, the losing team might have already taken the lead. That’s the beauty of basketball. Besides, people who bet on this sport acknowledge the risk and many of them find it quite thrilling.

Past confrontations

Let’s look what happened last season when these teams faced each other. The first confrontation took place a while back on November 20, 2016. Unfortunately for the Boomers, the results didn’t favour them since Dandenong won 78-69. The next showdown happened on January 14th, 2017 when the Rangers won again: 73-61. The two teams had one more game together, on January 25th, 2017 when the Boomers lost again 66-78.

It looks like there’s a pattern here: Dandenong keeps scoring above 70 points while the Boomers can’t quite get the score above this limit when facing the Rangers.

Let’s go further back. In 2015, Melbourne seems to have performed better. They beat the Rangers 88-76 on February 2nd, 2015. In 2014, they lost one on October 18th 73-51 but they won twice on November 9th, 93-77 and February 7th, 85-84. That was a close one, you have to admit. Both teams didn’t back down for a single moment.

Counting the scores in their last 5 encounters, you get 382 for Dandenong and 374 for Melbourne. The difference isn’t that high, as you can see. 8 points mean nothing in basketball. So, if you were to make a bet on their upcoming game, you decide if you take into account only their last year’s performance or their overall results against Dandenong. Either way, odds aren’t looking good for Melbourne.

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