The Best Women’s Basketball National Teams Excluding the USA

Women’s basketball is something that many people do not follow, but rather a specific set of fans, who love basketball above all. They do not follow other sports randomly, but rather, they dive deep into basketball and follow leagues all over the world, not just the NBA and WNBA.

Every four years since 1950, there has been a FIBA Women’s World Cup. Currently, the United States dominate the ladder and have only been challenged by the Soviet Union from the 50s to the 80s, actually winning a lot more than the US did at the time. After being disbanded, the US team only had a few challengers on the World Cup, namely Brazil and Australia.

Today, things look different, or do they? After another win at the 2018 FIBA Women’s World Cup, the US team took home another trophy with a decisive victory of 73 to 56 versus Australia. It is clear that the US national team is currently the best, which leaves the competitors. Which are the current best women’s national teams?


FIBA currently ranks Spain second on the world rankings, 310 points behind the USA. The Spanish national team had multiple appearances, since 1994 and onwards. Their gameplay was not among the best at the start of their World Cup run, but the last three tournaments saw them earn two third places and a second place. The Spanish national team is one of the teams which could very likely challenge the US team for a shot at the title at the 2022 FIBA Women’s World Cup.


The Australian national team already has a World Cup title, but they do not plan to stop there. The rankings place them 3rd, behind Spain. But there is likely no reason for them to be behind Spain, given that they had a World Cup title and that they have very proficient players. Even though the rankings are based on points earned from winning international and local events, Australia still has a very good lineup, finishing second at the last World Cup.


France is just behind Australia on the rankings, but their international story is a very different one. While Australia won a World Cup and many other tournaments, France finished 3rd in 1953 and won two EuroBasket tournaments and placed second five times.

It is worth noting that the Soviet Women’s National Team was dominating throughout their entire existence. Apart from the five consecutive World Cup wins, out of their 22 EuroBasket appearances, they won 21 of them and finished second in the one they did not win.

These are currently the best women’s national basketball teams in the world, excluding the United States.