What are the Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History?

Betting on sports is a favorite pastime of millions of people around the globe since it adds additional excitement to cheering. Not only do we get satisfaction when our sports team wins but also earn money! Betting on sports has become an integral part of the sports industry, and every once in a while some lucky and knowledgeable person manages to get a lot of things right!

Some bettors were extraordinary at guessing! Let’s take a look at some of the biggest wins in the history of sports betting.

Nick Newlife and Rodger Federer

Nick Newlife is not famous because he won a lot of money, but because he spotted what a true genius Rodger Federer was before Federer had become one of the greatest tennis players ever. His stake was £1,520, and he stated that Federer would win six more Wimbledon titles by 2019, after winning his initial one in 2003. Newlife managed to win his bet much earlier, and the odds for that happening were 66.

Not many sportsbooks offer these types of bet, but some of them are industry leaders when it comes to exotic bets. Check out this review of Paddy Power, as they are one of the online sportsbooks that have repeated the Nick Newlife scenario several times.

Richard Hopkins and Lewis Hamilton

Richard Hopkins was another person who managed to spot talent. This time, we are talking about Formula 1 and now legendary driver Lewis Hamilton. Hopkins decided to put his money on Hamilton winning a Formula 1 Grand Prix. He placed  £200 and got £165,000 in return. So, what’s the catch?

Prepare for a fantastic plot twist! Hamilton was only 13 years old when Hopkins made a bet. Hopinks came one day to a go-kart racing to support his son when he saw that Hamilton was an extraordinary talent and that there was a bright future ahead of him.

Darren Yates — £550,823

Yates was a big fan of a jockey named Franki Dettori. He believed in him even when Dettori wasn’t believing in himself. This proved pretty profitable for Yates who decided to combine a ticket in which he predicted that Detorri would win all seven races that day. Before that, Dettori gave an interview stating that it wasn’t his day and that he was going to win up to two runs.

Being an owner of a small business which was slowly failing, Yates went to play football with his friends and lost 4-0, realizing that his life was falling apart. That all changed when he returned to the races, only to find out that Detorri won all seven! Yates managed to win  £550,823 for a bet of £67!

Mick Gibbs — £500,000 from 30 pence

Gibbs managed to earn big several times as he had the “sixth sense” for accumulator bets! His first significant sum was  £157,000 for a £2.50 ticket. His biggest win ever was £500,000 when he staked only 30 pence! He made an accumulator predicting winners of fifteen football games all over Europe. The odds combined were 1,666,666, which means he reached the maximum payout allowed by the sportsbook – and won!

Billy Walters and New Orleans — Unknown

Walters’ story is short! He bet $3.5 million on New Orleans to win the Super Bowl. They were severe underdogs back then but managed to do it nevertheless. People are yet to discover exactly how much money Walters won.