Which Basketball Games to Watch While in New York City

New York has a huge tradition of sports. Being one of the largest cities in the entire world, the Big Apple is the home of a lot of professional sports teams that compete in all major leagues. Sports betting is just as popular as the sports themselves, and there are many online NY sportsbooks where you can get competitive odds.

While in the city, you can watch many basketball games as well. In this article, we will go through some of the most popular b-ball events that New York has to offer.

New York Knicks

Founded in 1946, New York Knickerbockers are one of the oldest basketball teams in the US. They have won two NBA championships in 1970 and 1973 and reached the finals six more times. The Knicks play at the Madison Square Garden that is considered the Mecca of basketball and a very popular place for hosting other sporting events as well.

The Knicks haven’t been doing so well in the last couple of NBA seasons, but now they have a young team that is destined to perform well in the future. Nevertheless, they play in front of a sellout crowd almost every night. The tickets can be quite expensive, so make sure to get them on time.

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets had been in New Jersey until the franchise moved to Brooklyn in 2012, and they currently play at the Barclays Center. They’ve never won an NBA championship, but just like the Knicks, they have a young core of talent that is prepared to take the league by storm in the following years.

You can see many celebrities at the Nets games, and one of the biggest fans of the team are Jay-Z and Beyonce, both of whom can frequently be seen courtside during Brooklyn’s home games.

New York Liberty

The New York Liberty is one of the 12 teams that compete in the WNBA. They’ve been the conference champions four times during the late 90s and early 2000s, but have never won a championship. The team’s home arena is the Westchester County Center.

The WNBA season usually lasts from May until September, so going to the New York Liberty games is a great way to catch up on some basketball during the summer months while the NBA is in offseason.

NBA G-League

The G-League is the official development league of the NBA. Both the Knicks and the Nets have their representatives here. Watching Long Island Knicks and the Westchester Nets is cheaper, and although it’s second-tier basketball, you are guaranteed to see some impressive games.

Harlem Globetrotters

The Harlem Globetrotters are a worldwide attraction that has been combining comedy and exhibition basketball for the masses ever since 1926. While they originated in Chicago, the neighborhood of Harlem in New York has been their home since 1928.

The entire organization even got introduced to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002. While they’re globetrotting all the time, they still do shows in New York from time to time.

College Basketball

Every college in New York has both men’s and women’s basketball teams that compete in the NCAA. The most popular teams to watch are Columbia Lions, Fordham Rams, LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds, St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers, St. John’s Red Storms, Wagner Seahawks, Manhattan Jaspers, and Lady Jaspers.